Ángel Gómez Roldán

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Editor in chief, Astronomía Magazine

Ángel Gómez Roldán (Madrid, 1965), is a writer and scientific popularizer specialized in Astronomy and Space Sciences. He has worked during more than fourteen years as telescopes operator in the Teide Observatory of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. Besides having taught Astronomy courses during a decade for high-school teachers, he is responsible of the web area of the Scientific-Cultural Association Shelios in scientific expeditions throughout the world for the observation of solar and lunar total eclipses, polar auroras or meteor showers. Author of books as «Un Universo Gravitacional» (2016), «Historia de la Astronomía» (2002), «Crónica de la Exploración Espacial» (2004 and 2007), or «200 Maravillas del Cielo-200 Celestial Wonders» (2005), at present he is the Editor in Chief of the prestigious monthly magazine Astronomía now in its 39h year of publication.

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Last Updated: March. 14, 2024.